Counseling for Behavioral and Chemical Addictions

Counseling for Behavioral and Chemical Addictions

Managing our pain just doesn’t work. Yet, more often than not, we will mask pain with behaviors, substances or avoidance.
Drug addictions start with the experimental use of drugs in a social situation. An increase is needed to continually feel good and achieve a desired “high”.

For many, developing a behavioral or avoidance addiction comes in the form of managing or avoiding personal pain through a developed coping mechanism.

It is very difficult to watch a loved one turn to something destructive and our unconditional love isn’t always enough.

Signs & symptoms of recent chemical use include:

  • Feeling of exhilaration and excess confidence
  • Increased alertness
  • Increased energy and restlessness
  • Behavior changes or aggression
  • Rapid or rambling speech
  • Dilated pupils
  • Delusions and hallucinations
  • Irritability or changes in mood

If your loved one comes to mind with any of the above symptoms and behaviors, it may be time to consider addiction counseling.

As a counselor I can help in the discovery of the deeper roots of a behavioral or chemical addiction. When the cause of pain is addressed and healed, the symptoms themselves can be greatly alleviated and new strength is achieved.

I believe that there are many paths to successful recovery that will work with the goals and desires of your loved one, and ensure they can make the life changes they want to make. Contact me today for a free consultation.